Lake and Trails Creed


Blessed with wild places and pristine waters, 

Wonderful companions and experienced mentors,

I will live clean and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer.

I will respect fellow anglers and hunters

While in the fields and forest and on the water.

I will obey the rules, especially when no one is watching.

I will share my love of the outdoors

With friends and family, and help introduce

Others to the wonders of the outdoor sports.

I will treat wildlife with dignity, 

And never take more than I am allowed,

Or waste any of the wild game I harvest.

I will continue to develop my outdoor skills,

And share those lessons with all 

Who want to spend time with me in the outdoors.

I will always demand safety, both for myself 

And my fishing and hunting friends.

I will always be gracious in praising another’s success,

And humble when remembering my success.

I will stress sportsmanship in all that I do,

And take pride in making new friendships

Where ever my outdoors travels take me. 

I will always strive to have fun in the outdoors,

Creating the great adventures

That will be among the greatest days of my life.