The organization was established in 2008 to create one of the most dynamic outdoor youth camps in the country. Lake & Trails camps are based in Ohio but welcomes campers from all over to practice their skills they learn wherever they may end up hunting and fishing. All first year hunting campers get an immersive,  hands-on approach to the Hunter Education course as well as Ohio Division of Wildlife instructed classes.  Other highlights of the camp include range activity with air rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols, turkey and deer clinics, knife making and primitive living. The fishing campers will not only explore the different types of fishing, but also learn how to tie flies, make lures, make a filet knife, canoe, cook and make their own fishing rods.

Hunter’s Ethics

Obey all applicable laws and regulations Respect the customs of the locale where the hunting occurs  Exercise a personal code of behavior that reflects favorably on your abilities and sensibilities as a hunter  Attain and maintain the skills necessary to make the kill as certain and quick as possible Behave in a way that will bring no dishonor to either the hunter, the hunted, or the environment Recognize that these tenets are intended to enhance the hunter’s experience of the relationship between predator and prey, which is one of the most fundamental relationships of humans and their environment.

Hunter’s Creed

Blessed with wild places and pristine waters, Wonderful companions and experienced mentors, I will live clean and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer. I will respect fellow anglers and hunters While in the fields and forest and on the water. I will obey the rules, especially when no one is watching. I will share my love of the outdoors with friends and family, and help introduce others to the wonders of the outdoor sports. I will treat wildlife with dignity, and never take more than I am allowed, or waste any of the wild game I harvest. I will continue to develop my outdoor skills, and share those lessons with all who want to spend time with me in the outdoors. I will always demand safety, both for myself and my fishing and hunting friends. I will always be gracious in praising another’s success, and humble when remembering my success. I will stress sportsmanship in all that I do, and take pride in making new friendships where ever my outdoors travels take me. I will always strive to have fun in the outdoors, creating the great adventures that will be among the greatest days of my life.